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Property Management


As any landlord knows, a clean property is a profitable property. At Regional Environmental Pest Solutions, we have built our reputation on working closely with property managers to eliminate pests and maintain sanitary home and work environments for our clients. From hi-rises and apartment complexes, to community developments and multi-family dwellings, Regional Environmental Pest Solutions has the experience to protect your business investment and provide assurance to tenants and residents. Regional Environmental Pest Solutions is well-known in the property management and real estate development industries, and is contracted to the some of the largest and most recognizable management agencies in the tri-state area.





Food & Hospitality


The food service and hospitality industry present unique challenges for pest professionals; these areas, by nature, attract and provide harborage to pests, though they are highly sensitive locations which require care and consideration before treatment. Our professional technicians are food service and hospitality experts, who begin their extensive training at sites like these. Regional Environmental Pest Solutions is a premier vendor to many fine restaurants and hotels in the New York City area and can perform inspections and treatments with a discreet and professional approach.







Wholesale and retail commercial properties have not been known as pest-afflicted areas in the past, but several factors in recent years have changed this, particularly the rise of the global marketplace. As such, commercial properties such as retail outlets, wholesale distribution centers and professional offices have been much more inclined to take advantage of the specialized programs that Regional Environmental Pest Solutions can provide to these properties. Pests are no longer contained to the home and the food-service industry; with a reliable and practical pest management program in place, your primary concern will be your business, not your pests.







Your home is your sanctuary, and it should be free of intrusive pests that spread germs and disease that contribute to an unhealthy and unsanitary living environment. Rodents and flies have long been known be carriers of disease, and many recent studies have clearly demonstrated that cockroaches are greatly contributing to the rising respiratory epidemic afflicting many Americans, particularly children and those in urban communities. Regional Environmental Pest Solutions offers a variety of elimination and maintenance options for home-owners, all of which are completely safe and 100% effective. For most, the home is the single-largest investment a person will make; ensure your property, your health and your peace-of-mind, and trust your pest problems to Regional Environmental Pest Solutions.





Health & Institutional


Pests have no place in highly sensitive properties. Yet hospitals, medical offices, schools, daycare centers, dormitories and research facilities are among the most common locations for pest infestations.  At Regional Environmental Pest Solutions, we know the dangers of institutional infestations and recognize the delicate nature of treating them. Our comprehensive environmental programs are customized to each facility to not only meet, but exceed all sanitary and regulatory standards. We have established a proven track record in this field, and are particularly proud of our long and distinguished working relationships with several well-known facilities in the medical, pharmaceutical and educational fields in the New York-New Jersey area.

As a recognized innovator in the pest management industry, Regional Environmental Pest Solutions provides a complete scope of professional pest and sanitary services. Our environmentally-safe pest elimination and pest-free maintenance programs can be applied to any type of property or facility, and utilize all methods of integrated pest management. At Regional Environmental Pest Solutions all field technicians are fully certified by the State of New York, and will provide a work ethic, knowledge and professional courtesy unmatched in the pest industry.

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